Time to Jump off the Cliff

As I sit here dreading the thought of going out in the frigid cold, I’m reminded of a moment that passed me by four months ago. It was a beautiful Sunday on Labour Day weekend. I was at a friend’s cottage and there was ample beer, sun and fun behind a speedboat.

But alas, I left something on the table. I was called out on strikes. I didn’t grab life by the horns. The mixed metaphors are still pointing to me not getting over the incident in question.

The lake has a great diving rock. It really isn’t that high, maybe three stories. I watched people dive off it many times. I knew it was safe and looked like a lot of fun.

So, feeling the anticipation of hanging in the air and feeling the rush of hitting the water, I left the boat and climbed up the rock face. The effort felt worth it. I walked confidently to the edge of the cliff and looked down at the people watching in the boat and in a canoe that stopped to take in the entertainment. And… I froze. Hard!

Can I say that I felt fear? Not really. Did I understand the risks? Seemingly. I knew the water was deep enough. Sure, I might embarrass myself by flailing my arms or screaming or… I guess I really don’t know. I’m an adrenaline junky. The moment of getting airborne through breaking up through the water after the dive – it all would have been awesome. To not dive was irrational.

The parallel of that dive to where we are with Travelabulous is uncanny.

We have spent months doing research. We have forged serious partnerships. We have built a product that we are continuing to improve through the feedback of 150 early adopters of a our invite-only alpha. We have spoken with hundreds of people that are waiting for our product. We are putting the finishing touches on a beautiful video that explains our value proposition.

Time to jump!

It is going to happen in the coming days. No excuses this time. If we flail our arms and go about it ungracefully, that’s cool. We will learn. We will shake the water off, climb back to the top, and jump again with more wisdom and experience than the first time.

Wish us luck!

’til next time… Kirk, out.


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