Aligning Your Goals to Your Dreams

This blog post is primarily not based on me but someone who has been an inspiration to me for a long time.

Let’s start the story in 1998.  I was sitting in some new age, self-help, full day session at the Holiday Inn at the Willow Tree in Halifax (I think it was a “First Things First” workshop – Stephen R Covey was BIG in those days!).  As part of the workshop, the instructor asked us to make a list of people who inspired us and why.  My list was likely fairly typical.  My father’s father because he was such a great man.  Nelson Mandela for sticking to his principles in the face of the worst kind of adversity.  Lou Gerstner for turning around Big Blue.  But then I found myself writing down “Samantha” – the name of my two-year old toddler.  Next to her name I wrote down something like, “She approaches every day like it is her first, with a zest for life, a great attitude and a constant smile.”  I then went to the cynical adult response and went to strike it out as “silly” until I realized that she was living life exactly the way it was intended to be lived and I have tried (often failing miserably) to live my life like that every day since.

Fast forward to … well … today.  I am on a plane heading to Music City USA with my now 17-year-old daughter next to me.  So, is she still my inspiration?  You bet!

Samantha has a dream.  The dream is to someday run a country music record label of her making.  Is it a long shot?  Frankly, who cares? Dreamers don’t ask those questions.  What is important is that she aligns her goals to her dream.  This isn’t going to get easier in the future.  So how does one work his/her way back from this dream?  Well, a university degree in Business Administration is a start.  But … how about a degree in Business Administration in Music from Belmont University – right in the middle of “Music Row?”  Probably just about perfect.

Samantha and I are going to tour around Nashville tonight and tomorrow before spending 4 hours at Belmont on Friday on a structured university tour.  It is the first visit to Nashville for both Samantha and me.  Will she love it in Nashville as much as she thinks?  Will Belmont be as perfect as it seems?  Will she get accepted, attend and graduate from Belmont?  Will she one day be CEO of Munroe Records?  Who knows!  One thing we will know is that she had a dream, she set a realistic plan towards the goal of achieving that dream, and she will unlikely have any regrets.

What about my role in this story?  People ask me if I am crazy to commit the kind of money it would take to send my “little girl” thousands of miles/kilometres from home to a private university.  I say that I would be crazy to get in the way of her chasing her dream.  After all, isn’t that what life is supposed to be about?

More importantly, isn’t this the least I could do for someone who has been an inspiration to me for so long?

‘ til next time, Kirk out.

4 thoughts on “Aligning Your Goals to Your Dreams

  1. Your little girl is ‘all growed up’. That is a great story–she speaks of this very passionately. Everybody should be so lucky as to have a clear dream, and a potential path to achieve.

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