This Travel Idea Just Might Have Legs

To start I would like to throw out a big “Thank You” to all of you who have commented on this blog or sent comments along outside of this forum.  My partners-in-crime and I have taken all these seriously – or a seriously as one can at this point in development – and have created a backlog of items for the “Travel Site that will Change the World!” (Sorry, I can’t help myself).

To this point the feedback has been very encouraging and makes me think this idea really is a winner.  Granted the Venn of the “optimist” – “highly competitive” – “solving a personal pain” circles can lead to what an old boss of mine used to call, “Happy Ears.”


With this in mind, I am also looking for all the list of reasons this might not work.  Currently, I only have three items that have the power to keep me up at night.  Again, I am an optimist so these are big things:

– the travel industry and sites are powerful enough as a group to effectively lock us out of the market (example, not license API or license at a price that is prohibitive)

– getting the message out to enough people to get critical mass (i.e. what are the right channels to market and how capital intensive are they?)

– being able to generate enough revenue to offset all the crazy “layering” costs to make this a highly profitable business (as an example, a lot of people get paid on a booking)

That is not to say there are a lot of other concerns, but all of the others I can come up with at this time seem like concerns that can be controlled.

If you are looking at that list and thinking, “Only those three things? Munroe is on crack!” I would love to hear them!  If you don’t want to comment here, please send me an email at and tell me I am crazy and what I am missing.  I want to hear the bad news early!  One should not get months into a startup ignoring all the bad news to have to face it after being heavily invested in time and/or money.

“Bad news is best received early.”
– Kirk Munroe

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas, baby!  As part of this unemployment phase I am consulting with a long-time Cognos/IBM partner with whom I have always wanted to work.  So I’m heading to IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) conference for most of the week.  I am really looking forward to talking to clients, potential clients, and old friends.  Also really looking forward to checking out what is going on in the space of subscription-based pricing for analytics offerings – both from IBM and the partner network.  That reminds me, I promised a series of blogs on subscription pricing.  Time to get back to that.

’til next time from Vegas, Kirk out.

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