The Quest Begins

Welcome to the Unemployment Blog.  

Upfront, I should say then when I say “unemployed” I really mean “not taking a pay check to work for somebody else.”  So why not call it the “Not Taking a Pay Check to Work for Somebody Else Blog” – come on – how is the SEO going to work for that 😉

I do want to point this out early though because I don’t feel unemployed in the sense of not being able to earn a living.  And, I know that is not the case for a lot of unemployed people today.  This blog will never intend to make light of the situation of those having a hard time making ends meet.  It really is not intended to be the point.  That is clearly a serious situation for many.

So, what is the point?

Well, for the first time in my adult life, I find myself in the situation of not being employed by someone as “staff” and getting a regular pay check in that manner.  And I have to tell you, it is really liberating.  For reasons I cannot contractually discuss, I do have a regular source of income for some period of time, so I am not naive to the role this plays in my feeling of “freedom.”

With this time to reflect, I see three options in front of me.  They are not mutually exclusive from each other, but each deserves significant consideration for its’ own merit.

These options are:

(1) “Hang a shingle” and become an independent management consultant.  (As you will see in future posts, I have starting dabbling here already)

(2) Start a company from scratch.

(3) Go work for someone again.

The point of the blog will be to outline the journey of discovery of which option – or which combination of options – makes the most sense.  Kind of a daily diary of the highs, lows, laughs, set-backs, moments of elation, incidences of crushing defeat … you get the point. 

Let me end with my personal guiding principles before closing off this initial blog.

(1) I want to be part of a team that creates a product and/or service that will change a market; make people’s live better or easier.

(2) Work with like-minded people who want to get up out of the bed everyday and make themselves better and make the world around them a better place.  People who feel a duty to do so, in fact.

(3) Spend as close to zero hours a day on low value conversations and activities as possible.  Low value conversations and activities being anything that don’t relate to points 1 and 2.  These conversations are often referred to as politics 🙂

’til next time … Kirk, out

2 thoughts on “The Quest Begins

  1. Hey Kirk,

    Someone just sent me your blog link and I’m reading through it now and I agree with you, it is very liberating. (For transparency, Kirk and I “worked” at the same organization, I just got liberated earlier).

    I do though think and have taken a 4th approach which is/was to take some short term contracts and work a couple of days a week while looking for somewhere to “Build a Legacy”.

    Just my 2 cents.

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